Aby-a-Day – December 28: Fishing on the Fishtail (Fashion Friday)

One of Jacoby’s Christmas presents this year was the marvellous United Bamboo Cat Club Fishtail Parka that I was lucky enough to buy for him during their flash parka sale a couple of weeks ago.




The workmanship on this little coat is just breathtaking.




There are a lot of human coats that don’t have this kind of attention to detail.


The thick, soft, black boa lining is attached with tiny, hand-sewn buttons and can be removed for warmer weather.


The natural raccoon fur ruff on the hood is also detachable with the same tiny buttons.


The drawstring toggles on the “fishtail” and the waist are real, heavy-gauge polished cowhide.


The zipper and the snaps are heavy duty and solidly attached. The pockets aren’t real (they’re just flaps), but that’s the only thing about this coat that isn’t genuine.


The sleeve cuffs even have velcro closures.


The fishtail hem of the coat fits nicely with Jake’s tail.


As usual, Jake knows full well how great he looks wearing his new parka!


And it fits him perfectly, too. I was afraid that it would be too small…Jake’s a big boy and I was worried it would be too tight in the shoulders and chest. But it’s just right.



He’s such a natural model for this coat, don’t you think?



I hope we get another invitation to United Bamboo’s calendar photoshoot next year…and I hope that, this time, we can make it to NYC!

11 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – December 28: Fishing on the Fishtail (Fashion Friday)

  1. DAMNIT!! I am SOOOO JEALOUS!! I can’t believe I forgot that day. If I hadn’t had to work, I… Coulda shoulda woulda.
    That parka is amazing! I am glad at least one of us got one. I really wanted the orange one for Tokes. 😦
    Anyway, Jake looks so cool!


    1. It’s really amazing. I mean, really. So well made! I feel honoured to own it; I know that sounds weird but it is just so wonderful.

      I want to take Jake out in the snow tomorrow, wearing it. I want to see it in in action.

      Oh…forgot to add, I took all of those close-ups just for you, you know 🙂


  2. It’s perfect for Jake! He looks so smug, just like one of those Calvin Klein male models. I’m so happy you were able to get it for him. Well done! Many good wishes for the New Year too from all of us in Wisconsin, especially Zoe. (She’s a bit smitten with Jake).


      1. Of course I like it! I’m a huge Jake fan, you know that. Right now it’s in the wash, I can’t wear anything until I wash the sizing out of the fabric, otherwise it makes me itch.


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