Aby-a-Day – December 29: Meeting the welders

Jacoby and I took a walk to the Post Office on Christmas Eve for a final mail check, and on the way we stopped to take a few photos to use for the illustrations for my “Romeo & Jacoby” story (which, yes, I know I need to finish)…


…and we got to actually meet the welders! They happened to be just leaving as we were there, and we started taking. “They” are Brad and Jason, his son. I also got to meet Jason’s daughters, Natalie and Gwendolyn. Brad was kind enough to let me inside the gate to take photos, and he told me the real names of some of the cats: Mama Cat is Fuzzy, the torbie I call Ginger is named Baby, and the longhair black kitten twins are Booger (the boy) and Boogie (the girl).


I think this is the boy, Booger.



And this, I think, is his sister, Boogie. Both of them are huge, glossy, healthy cats…I remember them from when they were kittens.


Here’s Baby, aka Ginger. She is super skittish. When I came in, she ran away. This is the closest I could get to her.


She’s such a gorgeous cat. It was so cool to go inside the gate and see all the little cat beds and hidey-holes that Brad has built for the cats that you can’t see from the outside. And I got a lot of good background photos for the story’s illustrations. That’s one of my New Year’s resolutions, to work on the Romeo & Jacoby story…and I have plenty of illustrations to work on now!


Jake didn’t get to go inside the gate with me, of course; he waited in his stroller while I took all the photos. And we didn’t see his friend Romeo this time, either…but it was amazing to go inside the cats’ territory and see them up close.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – December 29: Meeting the welders

  1. Romeo was outside with Jake 🙂 This is so awesome and I encourage you to finish the story at your own pace. These things don’t need to be hurried. Thanks for making 2012 happy for all of us who follow you. Looking forward to 2013. Love, Paula, Zoe and Bowzer. Happy New Year to all!


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