Aby-a-Day – January 6: Tessie and the Abys

These are some more photos from the 2010 Nikon backlog…I’m slowing working my way through them and I was thinking about the striking difference in the way Tessie treats Jacoby versus the way she treats Angel.


Tessie, of all our cats, is the only one who has ever bred. She raised her own litter of kittens before I adopted her. In some ways, it has made her more maternal…at least towards Jake.


I would suspect that Tessie is simply more maternal toward boycats than she is toward other females, but she loves Kylie. For whatever reason, she just doesn’t like Angel.


It’s not because she’s an Aby, either…because obviously, Tessie hasn’t got any problems with Abys.


Tessie frequently mothers Jake, but she barely tolerates Angel.


This is about as cuddly as the pair of them ever get.


Angel was on the TV first, and Tessie sort of pushed her way on there, too. Still, I suppose it’s better than Tessie smacking her way onto the TV table.