Aby-a-Day – January 10: Fierce Love

Jacoby loves me.




This is never more evident than when I’ve settled in for a little nap.


He’s always right there to protect me from harm while I sleep.


Granted, a love like this isn’t always glamourous…


…but it’s a true and fierce love.

Other People’s Abys: Happy Birthday, Jafari!

Jafari Jamison Underfoot, aka “That Jogging Cat in Vancouver,” is four years old today! One of his humans, Christopher Weeks, posted a lovely tribute to the dashing Aby on Facebook in honour of this milestone.

(Photo copyright C. Weeks, via Facebook)

In that post, Christopher asks a very interesting question:

“What is the true age of “maturity” in an Aby?

Over the years, we’ve come to believe that Aby’s seem to mature in a way that seems different from many cats. We feel that you don’t experience the full maturity or personality of an Aby until around four years of age. Before the age of four, it seems Aby’s (particularly the boys) can lag behind other cats in their overall development. We remember our first and most beloved Aby of our life, and how he seemed somewhat immature even at 3½ years of age. We loved him, but wondered if he was ever going to mellow from his kitten like behaviour. At the age of four, he magically transformed into a cat with a newfound maturity and sense of awareness. He remained very playful, but he suddenly seemed to be connecting on a much deeper and more intimate level with us. At the age of four, it felt more like we lived with a little person than with a cat.

We are seeing the same personality shift in Jafari. He continues to exhibit ever-deepening layers of awareness, relatedness and intimacy. Just as it can be for most of us as we age, Jafari seems to be increasingly comfortable and confident in his body, and in the way he interacts with people. He has developed an expanded vocabulary of chortles, beeps, chirps and purrs. He is demonstrating that refined Abyssinian poise, confidence and wisdom that make them such a joy to live with. And yes, he does have that lovingly obnoxious and sometimes demanding “Aby Attitude”!

Has anyone else noticed this type of personality transformation occurring around the age of four?”

This resonates with me because Jacoby will reach his four-year milestone this April, and I am seeing some of the same things Chris mentions. Jake does seem to be becoming more and more attached to me…and my first Aby boycat never turned four, so this is the first I’m experiencing this. When Angel turned four, I noticed her blossom a bit, but she’s a girl, and she never had the same goofy awkwardness that boy Abys have (don’t get me wrong, she’s plenty goofy and awkward, but in a different way).

There seems to be a cohort of outgoing Aby boys who are taking the world by storm (Jafari, Jake, Toki Nantucket, and Banjo Mooner come immediately to mind) and who are all roughly around the same age. I wonder, could this be the beginning of Aby world dominanation?

Somerville Copy Cat Festival – 17 February 2013

This is awesome, and right in my old stomping grounds! Somerville Arts Council to host “Copy Cat Festival” next month!

(Jake at ArtBeat 2010)

“Launch your cat’s cinematic career! Apply now

Finally, an event to celebrate the profound cultural contributions of cats. Inspired by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, which held an Internet Cat Video Festival last year that was attended by over 10,000 people and featured in the New York Times, we proudly announce the Somerville Copy Cat Festival. Yet our feline extravaganza will feature not only cat videos—produced locally and globally—but also cat stories, cat limericks and a slideshow of local cats. Emcee will be Jef Czekaj, who will kick off the event by reading his book Cat Secrets for cat-crazy kids. There will also be a cat costume table and most likely an appearance from a famous local cat. Stay tuned.

Until then, please get involved by submitting/creating cat videos, writing cat limericks or crafting cat stories, or snapping photos of your cat. Download the pdf application here.

Don’t miss this chance to launch your cat’s cinematic career!”


(Jake at ArtBeat 2011)

Hmmm…I wonder if Jacoby is the “famous local cat” they mention in that last paragraph? Well, I’ve emailed them, so we’ll see.

Of course, Jake and I have a long history with Somerville…I lived there for nine years, and we both go to ArtBeat in Davis Square every year. And Somerville is right on the Red Line, Strollercat’s main drag!



(Jake at ArtBeat 2012)

Obviously, I’ll be going to this event, if for no other reason than to see the cat videos on the big screen…but how cool would it be if Jake could be involved?