Aby-a-Day – January 18: The many hats of Jacoby Stealin’ Home (Fashion Friday Flashback)

There’s a weekly cat photo contest on LiveJournal I regularly enter, and last week, the theme was “Cats in Hats.” Talk about being spoiled for choice!


I ended up going with this one…but I had no idea that Jake has so many hats! These were my other choices:

The Mistletoe Hat…

…his Red Sox cap…

…his Cowboy Hat…

…his oh-so-classy Top Hat…

…his Egyptian Crown…

…the obligatory Santa Hat…

…his tacky tourist sun hat…

…his Green Bay Packers helmet…

…the Charlie Ticket hat (okay, this is just me being silly)…

…and his newest hat: The Buddy the Elf hat! Wow! I guess Jake really is a cat of many hats!

19 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – January 18: The many hats of Jacoby Stealin’ Home (Fashion Friday Flashback)

  1. You know, since you blog, Jake, you should get a black Fedora hat with a “PRESS” card tucked into the hatband!!! You’d look SO fly in that!



      1. Yeah yeah!! That would be awesome! Like from an old movie! Over one ear. Maybe I can make it look like Jake also stuck a pencil behind his ear. Cute! I’m going to look up reference pics tonight. Did you see my newest thing- I made a monocle and attached it to Toki’s top hat. I put a pic on FB. 🙂


        1. I found it! That is AWESOME. Who knew Toki was so steampunk? Perhaps we should start calling him Tick-Toki? LOL

          I cannot wait to see this…He needs a little pad, too. HA!!


          1. I just had a funny visual in my head of what would be in Jake’s notebook. Newsworthy items. Doodles of roast chickens, and things like that. You know, we could do a whole photo series of Jake as a reporter writing for the Strollercat Times, and Toki on a street corner wearing his newsboy cap going “Extra! Extra! Meow all about it!”


            1. Something like this..? I still have to do Toki…but this popped into my head the minute I read your comment and I had to get it out:

              And here’s Toki:


          2. YES exactly! 😀 If this was an old movie, then Tessie would be the “older” millionairess widow that owns the newspaper. Kylie would be the pretty fresh faced ingenue. Angel would be the dignified lady character with backbone, wise beyond her years from a harsh childhood. (obviously I’m getting into this story..) heehee.
            And Selina, since she started this whole thing, would be the plucky, quick-witted reporter that got the scoop.


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