Abys in Need (ANOTHER ONE!?) – Dexter & Giselle in Southern California

This is just one of those “what the hell is the backstory” Petfinder postings…


“Dexter is a young, healthy purebred Abyssinian male, born July 2012, who in search of his new furever home! He is neutered, current on all vaccines, and is looking for someone to play with, entertain, and love! Call 310-278-2935 for more information regarding Dexter!”

And…he has a (possible) sister!


“Giselle is a BEAUTIFUL, young (born July, 2012), female Abyssinian cat looking for her new, furever home! She has plenty of brains to go along with that beauty, and is incredibly playful and loves to frolic with abandon! Giselle is healthy, spayed and current on all vaccines. Please call 310-278-2935 for more information regarding Giselle!”

Born July 2012? These poor little guys are only six months old! Call me jaded, but I’m betting there’s a human baby involved here. Not only that, but the shelter he’s in is located in Beverly Hills (swimming pools…movie stars…), which also makes me wonder if someone got them to match the carpet or the furniture and didn’t realise that an Aby kitten is actually work. Either that or maybe they redecorated and their fur clashes with the new decor…

Native Northern Californian snarkiness aside, if you know someone who wants little Dexter and Giselle, call the shelter at the number above; there is no email contact given.

And don’t tell Jacoby – or my husband – that I REALLY want to adopt them both!

Other People’s Abys – Our friend Rosie on CBC Vancouver’s Facebook Page!

Check this out…Abyfriend Katscan’s little girl Rosie is making it big on the CBC Vancouver Facebook page:


Would you put your cat on a leash? Early Edition listener Kathy sent us this photo of her cat Rosie. (MJ)

My favourite comment was someone who said Yes, if it was a Bengal cat, otherwise no. I listed off the Abys I know who go out and about on their leashes, mentioning Jafari in Vancouver, Radar in NYC…and of course, Jacoby in Boston!

Click to watch the video!


You can see Kathy and her boy Aby Louis on the Vancouver evening news on the CBC website – her interview is part of an article about the number of birds cats kill and the possibility of Vancouver passing laws requiring cats be leashed and licenses.

Aby-a-Day – January 30: Wordless Wednesday (Jake really does ride the Roomba…sort of)





Abys in Need: Nelson in Northern California

Another Aby in need of a home in my old area code! And look at him! Isn’t he gorgeous?


“Nelson” is a beautiful ruddy Aby neuter in Northern California who must find himself a new home. He is 9 years old and healthy, but, since his people have a new baby, he has been misbehaving. So he must go.

Poor old boy! You can tell he really loves whoever took that photo of him. And I feel a bit sorry for that baby, missing out on the chance to grow up with an Aby.

If you want to know more about dear Nelson,email Mimi Cary Drake at mimicary@abyssinians.org.