Abys in Need (ANOTHER ONE!?) – Dexter & Giselle in Southern California

This is just one of those “what the hell is the backstory” Petfinder postings…


“Dexter is a young, healthy purebred Abyssinian male, born July 2012, who in search of his new furever home! He is neutered, current on all vaccines, and is looking for someone to play with, entertain, and love! Call 310-278-2935 for more information regarding Dexter!”

And…he has a (possible) sister!


“Giselle is a BEAUTIFUL, young (born July, 2012), female Abyssinian cat looking for her new, furever home! She has plenty of brains to go along with that beauty, and is incredibly playful and loves to frolic with abandon! Giselle is healthy, spayed and current on all vaccines. Please call 310-278-2935 for more information regarding Giselle!”

Born July 2012? These poor little guys are only six months old! Call me jaded, but I’m betting there’s a human baby involved here. Not only that, but the shelter he’s in is located in Beverly Hills (swimming pools…movie stars…), which also makes me wonder if someone got them to match the carpet or the furniture and didn’t realise that an Aby kitten is actually work. Either that or maybe they redecorated and their fur clashes with the new decor…

Native Northern Californian snarkiness aside, if you know someone who wants little Dexter and Giselle, call the shelter at the number above; there is no email contact given.

And don’t tell Jacoby – or my husband – that I REALLY want to adopt them both!

7 thoughts on “Abys in Need (ANOTHER ONE!?) – Dexter & Giselle in Southern California

  1. poor baby 😦 He looks sad. Such a cute little guy too. He’s so young, I can’t believe the breeder isn’t involved in finding him a new home. This is just heartbreaking.


  2. He’s with the Amanda Foundation – that is where Boodie came from! My human used to volunteer with them a decade ago, when they had a cat facility in Studio City. They generally rescue pets from kill shelters (Boodie was an exception – she was left in a box in a vet clinic parking lot). I don’t know where this guy came from, but if it was from any of the local breeders I know, they would be VERY upset that he was not returned to them if things were not working out with his home. 😦


    1. I didn’t know that! Small world.
      I literally got that email and posted without doing much research…I totally missed the breeder being upset angle! But you’re right. I wonder if my friend Molly knows who they are (she does Fawns and Blues).


  3. OMC! We’ve shared this with our Abys’ breeder in Elkin, NC. Hope she can forward to someone – she’s done so before with Abys in need that you’ve posted here. 6 months?! HONESTLY! This is just terrible! 😦 😦


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