Other People’s Abys – Our friend Rosie on CBC Vancouver’s Facebook Page!

Check this out…Abyfriend Katscan’s little girl Rosie is making it big on the CBC Vancouver Facebook page:


Would you put your cat on a leash? Early Edition listener Kathy sent us this photo of her cat Rosie. (MJ)

My favourite comment was someone who said Yes, if it was a Bengal cat, otherwise no. I listed off the Abys I know who go out and about on their leashes, mentioning Jafari in Vancouver, Radar in NYC…and of course, Jacoby in Boston!

Click to watch the video!


You can see Kathy and her boy Aby Louis on the Vancouver evening news on the CBC website – her interview is part of an article about the number of birds cats kill and the possibility of Vancouver passing laws requiring cats be leashed and licenses.

4 thoughts on “Other People’s Abys – Our friend Rosie on CBC Vancouver’s Facebook Page!

  1. They had a couple of online live chats during the day as well. I joined in the evening one and shared my thoughts on licencing and leashing cats. And managed to share my brag photos of Clancy, Gus and Eppy along the way – all leashed, all happy, all safe! And… all licenced as well!!


  2. Yes Kim! Good going on the photos in the live chat. I noticed JoAnn got hers up there too! Thanks for posting Coco. We’re going to have to have a “Superstar Aby” get together. The list is getting longer!


    1. That gives me an idea…
      Because there’s Rosie & Louis, Jake, the Mooners (Banjo and Racy), Jafari, Toki Nantucket…all around the same age and taking the world by storm…


      (left out the Mooners…this is a VIR – Very Important Ruddy – party!)


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