Aby-a-Day – January 31: A lady’s gotta keep up appearances!

Because of our unique situation (Abys are food-hoovers and the non-Abys are so picky they make Morris look like a glutton), Angel eats alone in the bedroom.


I love hanging out in there with her, just us two.


Mostly, I love watching her groom herself.



She does such a good job!


She really puts a lot of care into her fur.


But then she’ll get distracted by the television. Even though it’s much smaller than the one in the living room, she still likes to watch it!


“Okay…where was I?”


“Oh, yeah…right.” (Can you see her little pink tonguetip?)


Lick, lick, lick…


“Wait, he’s the killer? But…I thought he had a solid alibi for that night!”

Copy Cat Festival in Somerville February 17!

I just thought I’d post a little reminder about the upcoming Copy Cat Festival in Somerville, MA on 17 February…

Tickets went on sale today at noon, and they’re bound to go quickly, so if you’re in the area and want to partake of the second cat video film festival and a celebration of all things feline, snap up your tickets sooner rather than later! At 12:45pm today, there were about 160 tickets left, and the ticket sales started right at noon! The tickets are very reasonable: $5.50 including a service fee.

In case you’ve forgotten: “Finally, an event to celebrate the profound cultural contributions of cats. Inspired by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, which held an Internet Cat Video Festival last year that was attended by over 10,000 people and featured in the New York Times, we proudly announce the Somerville Copy Cat Festival. Yet our feline extravaganza will feature not only cat videos—produced locally and globally—but also cat stories, cat limericks and a slideshow of local cats. Emcee will be Jef Czekaj, who will kick off the event by reading his book Cat Secrets for cat-crazy kids. There will also be a cat costume table and most likely an appearance from a famous local cat.”

You don’t want to miss this!