Aby-a-Day – February 3: Super Sunday (Because: Kittens)!

When people talk about “the big game” (the one having something to do with that weird brown ball shaped like that kid’s head on Family Guy), all I can think of is “OMG Ktten Half Time Show on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl IX!”


Because, let’s face it – THAT is the one worth watching. Over and over. Good thing Animal Planet replays it ever hour from 3pm Eastern til 3am! And this year, they’ve added tutu-wearing Hedgehog cheerleaders!


This year, however…the Kitten Half Time Show was…disappointing. They had Jackson Galaxy – who I love – introducing it…but then they kept cutting away to him – and other Animal Planet “personalities” – exclaiming how CUTE the kittens are. Yeah, we KNOW. So why don’t you let us watch them!? I found it really annoying.


He even had a cat co-host, who he told the Kitten Half Time Show should be a whole hour. But I think this year’s show was actually a lot shorter than in previous years. It also seemed like they had fewer kittens than usual.


Angel usually loves to watch the kittens romping around, but this year she slept right through it. I don’t really blame her.

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – February 3: Super Sunday (Because: Kittens)!

  1. I agree, unfortunately. Didn’t seem like there were that many cats, and not a great assortment. (No orangies or torties!) I did hear that the Puppy Bowl was filmed right after Hurricane Sandy and it was filmed in Brooklyn. All the puppies were able to fly in and attend, but maybe some of the kittens couldn’t?


    1. There was a little torbie who was pretty cute. The Hurricane Sandy explanation seems to make sense; did they film at Silvercup? Still, they had puppies from Puerto Rico, so it seems like there could have been more kittens…


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