Super Memes

There were a lot of good memes that came out of the Superbowl this year…they’re becoming the thing to look forward to these days.


Most of them, of course, had to do with the epic power outage. This was the first one I saw, courtesy of my sister (we’re both native Northern Californians)…someone must have made this about 5 minutes after it started!


This was my favourite movie when I was 12. I had it memorised. And Jonny was my absolute favourite character in that movie. So I loved this one.


Pretty much.


This one captures my reaction to the whole thing perfectly. See, I really, really don’t like football – hockey and baseball are more my thing. So this sums up my feelings about the Big Game being interrupted.


There were also memes about the historic meeting of two coaching brothers, blah blah blah whatever…


But the best one of all..? Of course it has to be this one:


Inspired, of course, on Bjork’s costar Aby (you remember him, don’t you?) and this year’s tearjerking Budweiser Clydesdale ad.

(Yeah…it’s like the Kevin Bacon game, except with Abys. I can connect anything to an Aby…eventually.)

Aby-a-Day – February 5: It’s a jungle out there (Cartoon Tuesday)

Angel has a phobia about the litterbox. However, in her case, it’s justified…Tessie and Kylie like to lie in wait just outside the box while she’s in there and jump her when she comes out.


To be entirely fair, though, Kylie does that to everyone in the house, humans included!

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