Roger Lawrence Retiring

This came through the CFA email list this morning:

CFA Allbreed Judge Roger Lawrence submitted his request to retire from the CFA Judging Panel at the meeting this past weekend.

Roger’s request was approved. We would like to thank Roger for his many years of service to CFA and wish him the best.

Brenda Flauhaut commented: “We are so sorry to hear that Roger is retiring. A trip to his ring was always a pleasure. He was so kind and gentle with the cats and was a calming influence on those that were tentative. His rapport with the audience and exhibitors was great as he talked about the cats and had entertaining and informative things to say.

You will be missed, Roger, and we wish you all the best!”


Regular readers of this blog know what Abyssinian legends both Roger and his wife, Karen, are. Tailsend Cattery is one of the most influential Aby lines, and cats bearing the Tailsend name in their pedigrees can still be found today – even Jacoby has some Tailsend ancestors! Tailsend Satchel was sent from Canada to Finland and was a major foundation Aby in many European lines.

4 thoughts on “Roger Lawrence Retiring

  1. During my 8 years of planning for my first Aby, from 1994 to 2002, my search on the internet naturally brought to the Tailsend Cattery website. That is where I first saw a picture of Tailsend Satchel. He was very young, maybe 9 months old – but strikingly gorgeous! He became my benchmark for Abys.

    I always enjoyed having Roger judge my Abys, Scar was the first, Then any other related Abys he saw, he knew where they came from. He really liked their colour.

    I will certainly miss having the honour of Roger judging my cats!


    1. I remember you saying that! And when Roger judged Jake, he knew he was a Canuck and which lines he came fron just by looking at him.

      He said he liked Jake’s colour, too…and he said Jake reminded him of his Aby Gomer 🙂


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