Aby-a-Day – February 7: Deviant Art

DeviantArt is one of those websites you’ve heard of and seen, but you may not really be familiar with. You’ll most often come across it while doing a Google Image search. Its name may make you think it’s something…well, deviant…but really, it’s an artist’s site, in much the same way that Flickr is a photographer’s site. It’s kind of like being back in art school, except it’s online and worldwide. Everyone is so amazingly creative and dedicated to their art, it’s easy to feel inferior and inadequate. There are a lot of incredibly talented people out there.

Jake from the Gazette

I’ve been a member for a few years now, but recently I’ve gotten more active, and I’ve started posting some of my artwork. Like this quick sketch, based on a comment made by Cousin Toki’s human, Julie. This is Jacoby as a reporter…

Toki Nantucket the Newsie

…And this is Toki, selling the newspapers Jake writes for. There are all kinds of artwork like this to be found on DA. Animals, especially, are a favourite subject for DeviantArtists. This is one of my absolute favourites:

The Life and Crimes of Mysli Part One

“11lbs of snuggly master criminal right here”…yeah, I think a lot of Aby people can relate to that!

“Toilet Humour” by Kenket

This is another favourite of mine; I featured it here last year.

“Glowstick Abyssinian” by ESDA06

It’s really fun to see what people can imagine. I searched for “Abyssinians” (of course) and found some wonderful things. You can find the characters of Law and Order rendered in lion form, horrible puns marvelously illustrated, and home-made pushies of almost any creature imaginable. And if you are Warriors fan, you can find some amazing renderings of the characters and scenes from the books, like this one of Jayfeather and his beloved stick:

“Stick? Stick?” by AThousandPaws

(I love Jayfeather so very much…and this is exactly how I always imagine him. For the record, Jake’s warrior name would be Jaycurrent…well, until he became Jaystar 🙂 )

There are also tutorials, patterns and how-to forums if you want to try a different medium, or get better at the one you’re already using. It’s not only a feast for the eyes, but DeviantArt is also a great resource for artists. I urge everyone with a creative bone in their body (I know you’re reading) to check out this site.