Aby-a-Day – February 10: Snow show

We decided to leave for the show last night after the driving ban was lifted.


I was glad we did. The show hall was great, and it was a hotel show, which is always so much easier. It was good to see Meg again…


…As well as Cousin Taz…


…and little Cousin Fire, Taz’s nephew.


Today was a gorgeous day, bright, clear, and sparkling white.


I gave Tessie the option of checking out the snow (I gave Jacoby the same option, but he didn’t even want to get close to the open door without one of his coats on).



She was not a fan.


Jake, as usual, made a great first impression…




He’s always so congenial in the ring.




But he actually did really well today. Out of five rings, he ended up making three of the finals, placing 8th Best Allbreed, 7th Best Allbreed, and 4th Best Shorthair Specialty.


In fact, in his last ring, the judge, Marsha Ammons, said, “I’ve seen this cat in the media!” Meg and I said, “Yep, he was on the front of the Herald. He’s Strollercat.” I ask judges to sign all of Jake’s rosettes, and Marsha wrote “Congratulations to Strollercat” on her rosette. How awesome is that?


Tessie was a star in the Household Pets class. Showing HHP is fun, and different from showing the purebred classes. Many judges ask the exhibitors to come up and tell their cat’s story. That’s always interesting.


One thing almost every judge said was that they could tell Tessie had been at a few shows because she handled it like a pro. But actually, she’s only been to two shows before today, and those were back in 2007.


There was a rescue Chinchilla Persian in HHP, too. It was interesting to see her next to Tessie, since Asian breed actually started with an accidental mating between a European Burmese and a Chinchilla Persian. You can see that Tessie does have some Persian in her ancestry (along with Abyssinian, of course).



Tessie was the star of the day. She was named Best HHP in three rings, and took 3rd Best and 8th Best in the other two! I was so proud of her. She’s going to be 10 years old this August, not that you’d ever know it to look at her.


You go, Tessie girl!

There was one disappointment, though. John Rutherford from Ataraxia Abyssinians was meant to be there – in fact, he was meant to be set up on the other side of me! I’ve not met him yet, and he’s Cousin Toki’s breeder…it would have been nice to finally meet him. Ah well, perhaps next time.