Aby-a-Day – February 28: Jacoby’s first therapy visit to Tufts

Tuesday evening, Jacoby and I went on our first therapy visit to Tufts Medical Center.


Jake was ready to go the minute we got off the train.



Tufts is one of the biggest hospitals in Boston, and it’s also right downtown and super easy to get to on the T. The station is right across the street from them!



The moment we entered our ward, Jake was the center of attention.
These next two were taken by the ward supervisor with her iPad.


She called this one “Beautiful Boy.”


I was so happy she took these photos – I’m always so busy interacting with the patients with Jake that I rarely have time to take photos.


And there are NEVER any photos of me!


Jake had an especially good time with one patient who loves the animal visitors and takes photos of them with his Kindle.


Jake is such a camera ham, you know he loved visiting this man! We stayed in the hospital until 8pm, when visiting hours ended. It was an awesome experience, and Jake seemed to really love all the attention. We’re going to set up a regular schedule…I can’t wait to go back!