Aby-a-Day – February 23: “Upper” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Upper.”


Angel always prefers the “Upper” shelf of the cat tree.


Trouble is, Jacoby has no sense of personal boundaries.

Aby-a-Day – February 22: The evolution of Strollercat (Friday Flashback)

All this Strollercat stuff started me thinking about how we ended up with Jacoby’s now-famous stroller.


We actually started out with this Snoozer Roll-Around carrier that I’d pull around behind me.


Jake was okay with it, but he didn’t really like being that low to the ground, and he didn’t like not being able to see. He likes to see where he’s going rather than where he’s been.


So I did a little research and shopped around and decided to bit the bullet of ultimate crazy-cat-ladydom and bought an inexpensive stroller on eBay.


He liked that a lot better! We still use the Roll-Around with the other cats, and it’s awesome, but Jake prefers his stroller.



Jake adapted to his new conveyance almost instantly.


We took his little green stroller on a few outings, like to the Apple store downtown


…the bus…


…the commuter rail…


…and Gloucester!

But as it turns out, it’s not just the cat’s comfort that matters. As much as we loved that little stroller…it was just too little. I’m 5’8″, and it turns out that the height of a stroller is important if you’re the one pushing it. I was having to sort of stoop over and it was killing my back and shoulders on long walks. The little wheels were completely non-shock absorbing, too, and I felt every brick and bump resonating through my hands and arms – and there’s a lot of bricks in Boston! And if it was that jarring to me just pushing it, I can only imagine what it felt like for Jake.


So I did a lot more research and read a bunch of reviews, and Jake and I upgraded to a taller jogging stroller with larger, smoother-riding wheels.


It was love at first sight (for both of us)! And the rest is history.

Aby-a-Day – February 21: Will success spoil Jacoby Stealin’ Home?

It’s amazing how much press some kitties can generate!

“The cat ‘Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home’ made an appearance onstage.”
Kayana Szymczak/Boston Globe

There are a few different features on Boston.com, including a truly magnificent photo of Jacoby onstage taken by Boston Globe photographer Kayana Szymczak (which was also in the actual printed newspaper today). They did a preview article (and an interview with yours truly), a nice slideshow of the entire event as well as an analysis of cat videos.


The Boston Dig is also featuring a Fotobom of the day, which can also be seen on Flickr!

Then there was a great story and video by the Somerville Patch on the Copy Cat Festival yesterday – be sure to check out their slideshow, too!

I especially love this one the reporter, Sara Jacobi (no relation) took of Jacoby and me talking with Rachel Strutt from the Somerville Arts Council.


It was a long day for Jake – we were there eight hours, from noon til 8pm – but he handled it like a champ. We did take a little break at one point; Jake decided he needed to get away from his adoring public and took a little tour behind the curtains.


He was very interested in these kettle drums.


Jake wasn’t the only cat at the festival, though. This little black and white girl, Krufka, sat patiently on her own little sofa while her human read a story about her.


And as I mentioned on Sunday, Famous Seamus was also in attendance. He was such a sweet cat. And as his human said, he was twice the size of Jake! Jake’s such a big Aby…it was nice for someone to call him “small” for a change.


I also got to meet local author Clea Simon, which was awesome; I haven’t met many authors of books I’ve read! Her book The Feline Mystique is a fascinating study of the ancient relationship between women and cats. She also writes feline mysteries!

And we met Case and Emily, the creative geniuses behind Ferocious Friends cat toys…now, these things might just give Neko Flies a run for its money! Check out their video if you don’t believe me!

I also have to mention my favourite local video – this song by aspiring local singer-songwriter Kevin Choi! Not only is Kevin super-talented, but he’s a total cat person.

I read somewhere that cat people don’t really have the social outlets that dog people do, like dog parks. That’s what made the Copy Cat Festival so magical: it was a gathering of creative, artistic cat people, drawn out of their studios, workshops and computer screens, united by a common passion. I hope it becomes an annual affair – you know Jake and I will be there!

Aby-a-Day – February 20: Wordless Wednesday (Interview with an Abyssinian)

jakeQnA11.05.21 PM

jakeQnA11.04.43 PM

jakeQnA11.04.57 PM

jakeQnA11.05.41 PM

jakeQnA11.04.20 PM

jakeQnA11.06.11 PM

jakeQnA11.04.04 PM

jakeQnA10.57.05 PM

jakeQnA10.54.54 PM

jakeQnA10.57.22 PM

jakeQnA10.53.19 PM

jakeQnA10.49.31 PM

jakeQnA10.48.48 PM

Other People’s Aby – Racy Mooner, official spokescat for Sturdi-Products

This is kind of cool: our friend Racy Mooner is the feline spokesmodel for SturdiProducts!


SturdiProducts is the company that makes the show cages almost everyone uses at cat shows these days, and they also make carriers, folding litter boxes, and all sorts of other products designed specifically for travelling with and showing cats (and small dogs). I’m endlessly impressed with their products and was lucky enough to meet them in person at the CFA Annual last June.


Racy is another Aby star! It seems we have a “Cat Pack” of famous Abys…Jacoby “Strollercat”, Toki Nantucket the Etsy model, Jafari the jogging cat of Vancouver, Louis and Rosie the leash prodigies, and now Racy (who is also the daughter of a Feline Agility superstar).


Guess I’ll have to update this cartoon I drew, eh? And change the title to include non-Ruddies…

Aby-a-Day – February 19: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (Cartoon Tuesday)

The Copy Cat Festival this weekend was kind of magical, in that it was essentially a room full of crazy cat people who were not trying to hide that fact. People were wearing cat ears and whiskers and some even painted whiskers on their faces.

I can only imagine what Jacoby thought about that.


(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Aby-a-Day – February 18: Just hanging out, watching some cat videos (Hipstamatic Monday)

At one point during the Copy Cat Festival yesterday, Jake decided he wanted to go upstairs to the balcony to watch the videos.


Once we got up there, he took a chair and made himself comfortable.




It was really cute. He stayed there til the end of the international cat video section.


I guess it’s true. Cat videos are universal.