Aby-a-Day – March 7: Friends and Family at the TICA show

We had a wonderful surprise at the TICA show in Providence last weekend…we ran into our friend Matthew from the Mansfield show last August!


Jacoby remembered him, too.


Sadly, we didn’t see him until the very end of the second day, as we were packing up to go home.


Still, it was awesome to see him again!



We also met this red Abyssinian named Eastwick Deja Reve of Khamsin. His father is Anubis Lew Zealand – Cousin Taz’s brother!


What’s interesting is that his mother is from Finbheara – Finbheara Be Witched of Eastwick. I have been doing some sleuthing and I suspect that Angel may be from Finbheara and Abytopia.


And it was a strange thing, because Deja Reve is a two-eyed boy, and Angel is a one-eyed girl…but his face really reminded me of Angel’s.


This is an extreme zoom-and-crop, and it’s pretty grainy as a result, but doesn’t he look a bit like Angel in this photo? It definitely gives my theory that her mother is a Finbheara cat a little more credence!


Last but not least, I have a couple more photos of our friend Sparkle’s relative”Bones” (aka RW, NW SGCA Front Range Leonard H McCoy)!


His grandmother is Sparkle’s mother – Tajhara Tina Turner! They live on opposite ends of the country, but they’re only a generation apart. Isn’t that amazing?

8 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – March 7: Friends and Family at the TICA show

  1. My half-brother really is gorgeous! My mom, btw, is a red Somali, but she certainly bred amazing ruddies! She is retired now, and living the good life!


    1. Actually, I got that wrong. Your mother is Bones’ GRANDmother. I must have misread his pedigree – see what happens when you rush a post? But the cool news is, his human commented on this post to correct me!


  2. Coco, it is amazing that kitties start out together. Breeding will tell! I can always find a cat related to my Bowzer from the El Qahira cattery by the green eyes and kind of lean body. Zoe has the tipped ears from her cattery in upstate New York. My sophisticated babies!


  3. Hello, we are happy to see that Sparkle is enjoying her life as a pampered pet. We would like to point out an error with the pedigree information contained in this blog which incorrectly identifies Sparkle as being related to NW RW GP / SGCA Front Range Leonard H McCoy (a.k.a. Bones). Bones was born and raised at our cattery (Front Range) in Colorado, he was born in April of 2010 in a litter that was the first breeding of both his sire and dam. Sparkle was born in 2002 to a different sire and dam, which would require Sparkle’s dam to be 9 or 10 years old at the time that she allegedly gave birth to Bones! Thank you for correcting this information in your blog, we are very proud of our beloved Bones.


    1. Thanks for writing, and I’m sorry for any error… But the catalog at that show had Bones’ mother as Tajhara Tina Turner. Was that also incorrect?
      I’ll dig it out tomorrow and double check it…

      AHA! I see what it was! Tina Turner is Bones’ GRANDMOTHER, not mother! I’ll correct that right now. My apologies!


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