Aby-a-Day – April 11: Life imitates art

I managed to snag myself the Abyssinian Maruneko Club plush.


Angel really likes it.

Abys in Need: Dora in North Saanich, Vancouver Island, BC

Poor little Dora…if you’re in the northern Pacific Northwest and want to rescue an Aby, here’s your chance…

“Dora was taken to a vet to be euthanised as the owners said she was aggressive. Far from it! She certainly took a couple of weeks to feel comfortable, but once she did, she is a sweet affectionate little cat who likes to sleep just above my head. She is a lot of Abyssinian, possibly purebred. These photos honestly do not do her justice and we will get some more. She is okay with other cats but I think would prefer to be an only cat or perhaps just one other cat. For some reason, my cats seem to pick on her which is very upsetting for her. I think this little cat deserves a huge break in the form of a great home with somebody who understands and respects her. Could that be you?

Euthanised? Really? Poor girl! She actually sounds a bit like a two-eyed version of Angel.

Dora is at Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue in North Saanich, BC. Phone them at, 250-656-1169, send them an email, or, for more information, visit Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue’s website.