Abys are Everywhere: Graphic Cat T from Forever 21

At least, I think it’s an Aby.

Catsparella turned me onto Forever 21’s new line of cat lady chic tops and accessories, but…But just look at the Graphic Cat Tee with the mesmerising yellow-green eyes!

Is it an Aby? I vote YES. Look at the markings around the eyes! Look at the “are you moving towards the treat cupboard?” expression on that face. Oh, yeah, that’s an Aby.

And the best part? It’s 100% cotton and only $15.80!

13 thoughts on “Abys are Everywhere: Graphic Cat T from Forever 21

  1. I bought an aby shirt and wore it for the first time to the show last weekend!!
    It’s from The Added Touch (http://www.addedtouch.ca/product/cat_face_tee/tops_tees), but there’s a US version at The Paragon (http://www.theparagon.com/cat-face-tee/p/22020/). I found it when I ordered a cat wearing a scuba mask/snorkel birdbath (because I had to have it because I’m a diver/cat lady) and since I was paying the shipping charges anyway……


    1. I am trying to find this at my local H&M…the girl said she saw it yesterday, but we couldn’t find it. Someone is selling them on eBay for $49.99, if you can believe that.

      I WANT ONE. If I can’t get it here I may have to beg a favour of you…


        1. I will – I was in the right department – and the girl said she’d seen them that morning and described it to me (all I said was it was two kittens, she provided the mirror image and the gems on their heads) but then we couldn’t find them. They were closed because of the bombings when I went back after work so I’m going back today at lunch. It may actually be on hold for me.

          Wow…I haven’t been in an H&M in years, though…


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