Aby-a-Day – April 14: Happy Birthday, Jacoby!

Today is Jacoby’s 4th birthday!


The day started out with the cutest birthday e-card from Sherry and his brother Dillin and a special, non-prescription UT diet, breakfast. They don’t make bacon-flavoured cat food yet, but I did find him pork cat food, which seems to be a pretty uncommom cat food flavour. I think he really appreciated the change.


He got two great presents.



One was a new, leopard-print SturdiShelter I found on eBay for a song – only $169! And that included not only the house, but a hammock and a matching leopard-print show table skirt.


There was also a bucket-style carrier.


Jake really liked the carrier for some reason.


IF these were still available on the SturdiProducts website (the leopard-print shelters and skirts are sold out, so you can’t buy them new at all), they’d be around $300 so it was quite a bargain.



Jake was all over his new house.


He checked it out from every angle.


He loves it!



I also got him a fleece photo blanket from Shutterfly.


Camera ham that he is, he approved of his new blankie.


After the presents, it was time for can-cake!


I found an awesome new flavour at the store: Wellness Core Beef, Venison and Lamb.


Jake was eating it even before the candle was blown out!


The girls all came to help Jake celebrate.


ALL the girls – even Angel!


Happy birthday, my kitten! I love you.

13 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – April 14: Happy Birthday, Jacoby!

  1. Happy Birthday Jacoby!! Love that you proved the “sturdy” part of the shelter. 🙂 We don’t always comment but we love reading about your adventures!


  2. Groncatulations! He’s such a beautiful cat!

    (Actually, I checked in to see if you were safe, as the news about the explosion has been on the news here.)


    1. Wow…already made it to Sweden! I just posted an update on FB, but it’s big…we live mile away but think about it…those crazies could have hit the St. Pat’s parade which starts at our building!!! Now THAT would have been BAD.


  3. I didn’t even wish Jake a Happy Birthday, what with all the tension and drama of today and a crazy wknd of work.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!!! Tokes is less than a month older than Jake. I wish we could arrange a “play date” some time, but that would probably not go as well as I’d hope. 😛


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