Boston Marathon Explosions

I’ve been getting a lot of emails, texts and tweets from friends around the world worrying about me, my husband, and the kitties. Rest assured, we’re all fine. We live in South Boston, and I work downtown, so none of us were anywhere near the Finish Line on Boylston Street.

And I’m really glad. It was horrific. This video was taken by Steve Silva, senior sports producer at and founder of; he was just shooting video of runners finishing the race when BAM! He was only a few yards away from the first explosion. He was incredibly brave and kept on shooting video as all hell broke loose around him, knowing that the documentation was more important than running away from it. I really admire that. had great coverage with their Marathon live blog which quickly became an Explosion live blog. This is crazy; this is real, terrorist-attack type stuff, and it’s happening in MY city! A doctor at MGH said he hadn’t seen such injuries since he was deployed in the Middle East and treated blast injuries in the field.


Jacoby and I do go to Boylston Street; the Apple Store is only a couple of blocks from the Finish Line.


This photo was taken at the #9 bus stop in front of the Boston Public Library, literally across the street from the explosions. So yes, this bombing did hit close to home…but Boston is a small city. Everything is close to home when you live here.

Aby-a-Day – April 15: Tax time (Hipstamatic Monday)

Today’s one of the most anticipated days of the year for Americans…income tax day. Did you know that Federal Income Tax is 100 years old this year?


In Massachusetts, however, April 15 is also Patriot’s Day this year, a state holiday.


This means that taxes here – both federal and state – aren’t due until the 16th.


That doesn’t stop the post office from being crazy busy, though.


Jacoby and I had to go to the post office on Sunday, and the line was insane!


“What do you mean, ‘I should be your dependant’?”