Abys Are Everywhere: Another mainstream Abyssinian T-shirt and celebrity humans with Abys

After last week’s post about Forever 21’s Aby T-shirt, Texas and his human pointed out that H&M has a T-Shirt with Abys on it, too.


And it is AWESOME. But try to get it from H&M…it’s only $17.99, but someone on eBay is trying to sell them for $49.99 plus shipping!


And speaking of things that are awesome…not sure how I missed random blog post from 2010 about celebrities and their Abyssinians…but check it out!

I knew about these photos of Nicolas Cage and David Bowie with Abys, but…

…I didn’t know about Carly Simon and Nicole Ritchie!

Not to mention, Viggo Mortensen! See? Abys are always in fashion.

Finnish Aby Tattoo

You may remember the gorgeous Aby tattoo I saw at the TICA show in Providence last year.


Earlier this week, my friend Sanna-Leena Santapakka posted a photo of her new tattoo to the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook this week. Just check this out:


She explained “Haven’t seen many tattoos with Abys on them, so I thought I should share my one. It has my boys, ruddy and fawn in it. My tattoo artist said he hasn’t ever coloured any tattoo so carefully as he did with them 😀 The tattoo artist is from Pitbull Tattoos in Oulu, Finland, and he is called Ravi-Lassi.”

Now I really want to get a tattoo of Jacoby…

Aby-a-Day – April 19: Wear Boston (Fashion Friday)

Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home is wearing Boston today.


There’s a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to the Wear Boston movement, and it’s pretty cool to see all the participants’ photos. Of course, Strollercat is among them! (You may need to log into Facebook to see them, I’m afraid.) And now that they know who did it, it’s been a little crazy in Boston Metro today.


And you can help Boston, too: Local company RueLaLa is selling exclusive Honoring Boston T-shirts to raise money for MGH’s Emergency Medicine Fund. As they explain on their website: “We will donate all net proceeds from the sale of this Honoring Boston tee to the Emergency Medicine Fund at Massachusetts General Hospital, which supports the patients and families affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy. This item will be shipped to you standard with our compliments” It’s a limited time shirt, though, so if you want one you’ll have to move quickly. I’ve asked them if they make them in cat sizes, because Strollercat needs one, too! Haven’t heard back, yet…

Oh, Boston you’re my home
Oh, you’re the number one place