Aby-a-Day – April 19: Wear Boston (Fashion Friday)

Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home is wearing Boston today.


There’s a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to the Wear Boston movement, and it’s pretty cool to see all the participants’ photos. Of course, Strollercat is among them! (You may need to log into Facebook to see them, I’m afraid.) And now that they know who did it, it’s been a little crazy in Boston Metro today.


And you can help Boston, too: Local company RueLaLa is selling exclusive Honoring Boston T-shirts to raise money for MGH’s Emergency Medicine Fund. As they explain on their website: “We will donate all net proceeds from the sale of this Honoring Boston tee to the Emergency Medicine Fund at Massachusetts General Hospital, which supports the patients and families affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy. This item will be shipped to you standard with our compliments” It’s a limited time shirt, though, so if you want one you’ll have to move quickly. I’ve asked them if they make them in cat sizes, because Strollercat needs one, too! Haven’t heard back, yet…

Oh, Boston you’re my home
Oh, you’re the number one place

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