“Aby” is just “Baby” without the “B”

A couple of days ago, someone posted this amazing photo to one of the Abyssinian Facebook groups:

Isn’t this fabulous? I love how all the Abys, regardless of age, so thoroughly accept this baby! What a lucky little kid…and I’d just love to give this photo to all those idiots who think that they HAVE to get rid of their cat(s) just because they’re pregnant. Cats and babies are not mutually exclusive.

Of course, there may be an adjustment period in some families…

Fear not, though: Once baby Kennedy was born, Dexter fell in love with his little human sister:

Proof that cats and babies can co-exist!

4 thoughts on ““Aby” is just “Baby” without the “B”

  1. My parents have been sending me home videos from when I was a baby (they are converting them all to DVD’s), and at the time we had an Aby named Blacktop. The videos are full of Blacktop playing with me, rolling over when I rolled over, and generally loving on me. So cute.


    1. That’s awesome. I had allergies so my cats were all outdoors; but I have photos of me and my aunt’s Siamese Caesar sleeping together when I was three…


  2. MOL! MomKatt forwarded this to her Abys’ breeder (she shares all your Jacoby posts with her) and wrote, “Oh to be that baby!” MOL!



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