Aby-a-Day – April 25: People’s Choice Award

Last weekend, Jacoby and I went with Meg, Cousin Taz, Cousin Louis-Fire and little Malaika Jamaica to a CFF cat show in Worcester, MA. Jake just went as the celebrity Abyssinian and show ambassador cat and wasn’t even entered in the show…


…but he managed to bring home a rosette anyway!


This show had a “Spectator’s Choice” competition where people who came to the show could vote for their favourite cat.


Each cat had a number (like Lura/Pickles, number 42, above) and people wrote that down and put it in the ballot box. Jake didn’t even have a number – people just wrote his name if they wanted to vote for him!



Jake worked hard for his ribbon, though. He spent a lot of time with the spectators.




He also went through a few costume changes.


But it was all worth it at the end of the day. The voting wasn’t even one of those hanging-chad deals – Jake won by a landslide!

10 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – April 25: People’s Choice Award

  1. People’s Choice! That award is so perfect for Jake that it should be called a “Jake”. Like an Academy Award is an Oscar. He so- I was going to say personable, but is there another word like that? Congenial?


  2. Seeing Jake there in the costumes like that, brought back fond memories of seeing Cheddar at CFA shows in New England. My favourite was his RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) outfit! He was such a cool cat, always on the arm of his owner Bob, who even made a support for his arm so it wouldn’t get tired from holding up Cheddar. Fond cat show memories indeed!


    1. A LOT of people said that!!! And I have a photo of him in his Mountie outfit, from that show we went to in Concord when Gun-Hee won Best Kitten im Marge Collier’s ring. I need to find that photo,.,


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