Friday Fashion Flashback: Cheddar

On yesterday’s post about Jacoby and the CFF show, Sherry commented about a cat who used to make appearances at shows in New England called Cheddar.

She said: “Seeing Jake there in the costumes like that, brought back fond memories of seeing Cheddar at CFA shows in New England. My favourite was his RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) outfit! He was such a cool cat, always on the arm of his owner Bob, who even made a support for his arm so it wouldn’t get tired from holding up Cheddar. Fond cat show memories indeed!”


Here’s Cheddar and Bob at the Seacoast Cat Show in New Hampshire back in 2007. He was 13 years old then! He was a red-point Siamese mix HHP, and he was awesome.

Aby-a-Day – April 26: National Hairball Awareness Day (Fashion Friday)


Today is National Hairball Awareness Day!


And Hauspanther, along with FURminator (the official sponsor of National Hairball Awareness Day, naturally) are here to help you celebrate!


You can download a cat moustache template PDF and create your own cat moustache.


Of course, you know I could not resist this. I printed out the ‘stache backs on cardstock, glued them to a couple of chopsticks and then stuck on some of Jacoby’s and Angel’s FURminations.


Doesn’t Jake look dashing?


Of course, when doesn’t Jake look dashing, right?


Angel was less amused.


She’s a bit of a tomboy; I thought she’d have fun with a moustache for a day.


Guess she’s more of a girl than I gave her credit for.


Don’t forget to check out FURminator’s Moustache Cats Gallery on Facebook, too!