Aby-a-Day – May 5: Jacoby’s shiny new year

The CFA show season starts on May 1.


The first show of the new CFA year, in New England, is traditionally held in a hockey arena in Concord, NH.



It’s always a really great show. There’s a lot of food, a book sale, an awesome raffle and a silent auction, and often Feline Agility, all in a great, airy (if a bit chilly) space. Chanan is also there, and it’s always great to talk to him. I actually had I had a major squee moment when I showed him a lenticular card I’d made of Jacoby using two of his images.

He was impressed that I’d matched the two photos so perfectly (Jake’s paw seems to move, but Chanan’s signature doesn’t), and then he showed me something he’d done to a photo on his computer, and then we got into a conversation about Photoshop and I showed him a trick I use all the time (the bandage) that he’d never tried. After that discussion, I have to admit, I rushed back to Jake’s cage as giddy as a teenage girl at a Beatles concert. It was awesome.



Since Jake was entered in the show, we couldn’t do a lot of costume changes, but he did manage to show off a little of his wardrobe.


The best surprise, though, came – as it so often does with Jake at cat shows – at the end of the second day.



He won Best Cat in Premiership in Russell Webb’s ring! His second Best win!


What a great way to start off the new season!