Calendar Cats: Today’s the day!

Today’s Jacoby’s day in the sun…on the Page-a-Day calendar!

Jake will be seen on people’s desks all over the world today! And this is one of my favourite photos of him, too.

If you’re coming here to see Jacoby because of the calendar, then welcome!! I’ve had quite the uptick in visitors today 🙂

19 thoughts on “Calendar Cats: Today’s the day!

    1. I’m really happy I finally got into the calendar…my sister got one of her cats in it in 2001 (I think) so this is especially wonderful 🙂


  1. Although I don’t have the calendar (friends got me the Bad Cat calendar this year, I’ve printed out this page and Uncle Clancy looks suitably impressed!! CONGRATS Jacoby & Coco!!


  2. Good day for Jake, sad day tomorrow for my Whiskey. It’s time for him to go join Simba and all of the other Aby angels. Today he was 18 years and 7 months. So hard to do this.


  3. Great photo of quite a handsome cat! Looks like an awesome carousel too — can you tell me where it is located?


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