Aby-a-Day – May 19: “It may not be the Abyssinian swinging from the chandelier…”

Today was a rare and unusual day: Jackson Galaxy was in Boston!


He was speaking at the Boston Public Library today. I tried to bring Jacoby along to meet Jackson, but – even though I did contact the library and brought along our therapy credentials (just in case), we were stopped at the door by the security guard.

I’m a bad Twitter person, but I felt motivated in this case…


Luckily, I was meeting a friend and we planned to get there early. I had time to run Jake back home. I really think he was disappointed, though: he’s not used to going out and then just turning right back around again! I was lucky with the trains and a cab and I made it back just in time to hear Jackson speak.


It was a really fun talk. It wasn’t quite like his show, and it wasn’t entirely about his book…it was sort of Jackson just talking about both of them.


He talked about “cat mojo” and said one interesting thing about cats needing to “own” their territory. I wonder about how that applies to cats like Jake, and also Jafari, Seamus, Rosie and Louis, who love to go out with their humans and basically seem to see their “territory” as “anywhere my human is.” Of course, Jake is also very attached to his stroller, and when he feels overwhelmed he doesn’t hesitate to jump back into it; maybe that’s his “territory away from territory.”



Jackson also pulled a guy up out of the audience, Mike (he chose a man, he said, so that he’d “feel less alone up here”), who had a cat named Chester. He used Mike to demonstrate the three types of cat mojo: the Confident Owner, the Over-Owner, and the Wallflower. It was pretty funny…but I could see that we have three Confident Owners and one Wallflower in our cat family (guess who’s who).


At one point, he talked about older cats playing. He has a 21-year-old, Veloura, and a 19-year-old, Chips, at home and, while they’re not as active as they were when they were four, they do still play in their own way: “It may not be the Abyssinian swinging from the chandelier…but they still play.” Shout out to the Aby people in the house!


At the end, he took questions from the audience, and then he signed copies of his book, Cat Daddy and chatted with his Boston fans.


And I got to meet Jackson, too, and he signed my copy of his book. He commented that he’d never seen the “Real Men Love Cats” T-shirt on a woman before. Then I told him that I’d tried to bring “Strollercat” to meet him, and he said, “I know…’Amtrak Yes, Boston Public Library No.'” I have to admit I had a bit of a fangirly squee moment: OMG he read my tweet! He must have read my expression because he added, “Oh, yes…I read!”