Show Brag: Abyssinian Winners at the Kentucky Colonels/Great Lakes Aby Devotees CFA Show

A little cat show news for you: The following Abyssinians were the winners in each division at the Kentucky Colonels/Great Lakes Abyssinian Devotees show held last Saturday, 18 May:

From left to right:

Best Abyssinian Kitten: Purssynian Phantom of 3Janes, a 6 month old blue Abyssinian male kitten; Bred by Darrell Newkirk; Owned by Elizabeth Koller, Teri Kennedy, Jane Onstott.

Best Abyssinian in Premiership: GP Hitails Rocco Mooner (Another blue Mooner!), a blue Abyssinian neuter; Bred by Lisa-Maria Padilla; Owned by Diane & Scott Weber

Best Abyssinian in Championship: CH Absolute Fleur de Lis of Abizaq, a red Abyssinian female; Bred by Cynthia Cash; Owned by Martha & Norman Auspitz

Congratulations to the winners! I also found some photos of Rocco Mooner in Japan…along with Roger Vivier and some DeVande Abys! It’s actually a pretty nice account of a cat show in Japan. Talk about a cat show road trip!

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