Aby-a-Day – May 24: More plush Abys (Fashion Friday)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted photos of my Jacoby plushie project, so here’s a little update.


This little guy is my very first attempt at sewing real mohair, like the classic Steiff animals are made from. I love this little kitty, even if he isn’t really a great Aby colour. I gave him to my mom for her birthday – which is today – since she gave me my first Steiff kitty over 40~mumble~years ago…


See? Here she is with me and my mom circa 1969. (I was a tomboy. I did not like pink, I did not like dresses, and I definitely did not like pink dresses. Can you tell I’m beseeching my dad to take the photo already so I could change and we could go do some science?)


Bernd Langer from Semerchets Abessinier saw my plushies on the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club and wanted one. This not so mini green-eyed mini-me now lives in Germany!


And then there’s this little guy, who now lives with a friend of mine in China. Doesn’t he seem right at home?

chinajakeplushie3 chinajakeplushie1

Jake has fans in China, too!


This is my most recent Aby plushie.


He’s the same pattern as the first one, but a different type of mohair.


It’s longer and softer. And, of course, it’s been discontinued, so when it’s gone that’s pretty much it.


His eyes are kind of small. I didn’t have yellow eyes in the right size. But they do glow in the dark!


abyplushie_mohair3E_5056 abyplushie_mohair3E_5057

I made his hands and feet a little differently. Instead of making the whole pawpad leather (as I’ve done with my other teddy-type cats), I used black mohair and sewed leather pads on. I also made them one-piece because the individual toe pads were just too tiny.


His tail is also made with a black mohair tip, rather than being coloured with a black Copic marker.

abyplushie_mohair3E_5053 abyplushie_mohair3E_5060

It also has a flexible plastic jointed tailbone, so it can swish!


I think Jake approves of his mini-me.


Don’t worry, Jake. You’ll never be replaced!

Purring or Not Purring? How well do you know your cat?

Sparkle posted this amazing quiz on her blog today inviting all readers to guess whether or not she’s purring in ten different photos. In it, she taunts, “Sounds easy, right? I bet none of you get 100%!”

Well. Guess who has two thumbs and got ’em all right? This girl!

Truth be told though, it was tricky. I guess I can just read ruddy faces. Jacoby often hisses and purrs AT THE SAME TIME at cat shows. He’ll be purring because I’m holding him, but hissing at another cat. I didn’t know cats could do that, to be honest, until I met Jake.


I don’t know how Sparkle made that quiz, but I’ll play, too. Here’s a mini pop quiz: is Jake purring in this photo?