Aby-a-Day – May 26: City cat

Jacoby has a great sense of direction and an excellent memory.


When we’re walking home from Tufts, we get to a point on the Broadway Bridge where he knows how to get home.


And when we get to that point, he decides he can get out of the stroller and walk.


I’ll let him, if we’re not in a hurry and the weather’s okay.



I am endlessly impressed with how unaffected by traffic Jake is.


He’s grown up in a transportation nexus: Trains, planes, trucks, buses…you name it, it probably rattles, roars or whooshes through or over our intersection.


Oh, yeah, and bicycles, too.


When you look at these photos, remember that it’s impossible to set up something like this. You can’t force a cat to pose next to a busy road if he doesn’t want to.


He also gets right back into his stroller when he’s decided he’s tired of walking.


He’s a smart little guy, our Jacoby.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – May 26: City cat

  1. Jake is a world cat, indeed. I am constantly amazed at how comfortable Abys are in their own skin. We can learn a lot from those little fuzzy-heads!


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