Aby-a-Day – May 30: Into the sunset

On Monday, Jacoby, my husband, and I took a little walk to the Post Office and South Station.


This is one of Jake’s favourite places to walk. And who can blame him?





He gets to a point on the way home where he decides he wants to walk, and then he hops out.


He just trots along the seawall, happy as can be…

While we were walking, I made a little video; I know, I forgot to turn my iPhone sideways. Sorry about that. But you can see how he walks along until he gets tired and decides he wants to get back into his stroller!

What’s interesting is that Gun-Hee also loved to walk along this same stretch of the Harborwalk. This video is from 2007, and it’s November, not May, but you can see how similar they are.