Aby-a-Day – May 30: Into the sunset

On Monday, Jacoby, my husband, and I took a little walk to the Post Office and South Station.


This is one of Jake’s favourite places to walk. And who can blame him?





He gets to a point on the way home where he decides he wants to walk, and then he hops out.


He just trots along the seawall, happy as can be…

While we were walking, I made a little video; I know, I forgot to turn my iPhone sideways. Sorry about that. But you can see how he walks along until he gets tired and decides he wants to get back into his stroller!

What’s interesting is that Gun-Hee also loved to walk along this same stretch of the Harborwalk. This video is from 2007, and it’s November, not May, but you can see how similar they are.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – May 30: Into the sunset

  1. Do you ever worry about dogs? That’s one thing I always wonder – because that would worry my human if she were out on a walk with a kitty. There are tons of people walking dogs in our neighborhood, and I am sure not all of them are cat-friendly. (And personally, I’m not exactly dog-friendly, for that matter!)


    1. I do, to a certain extent. I don’t trust them, and people on the Harborwalk are BAD about letting dogs off leash so I basically have to do their work for them. They seem to think the whole thing is a giant dog park.

      But with the stroller, there’s an interesting thing I’ve noticed: Dogs don’t “see” strollers. It’s like there’s a blind spot. I’ve wheeled Jake past dogs and they’ve been completely oblivious – and I know they should have been able to smell a cat! I think that, however long humans have been using stroller-type conveyances to push babies around in, we’ve inadvertently selectively bred dogs to ignore stollers – think about it, it makes perfect sense; a dog that DIDN’T ignore a stroller wouldn’t live long and wouldn’t pass on its DNA to future generations. There have been a couple of puppies who got a little excited, but by the time they grow up they seem to just know that strollers are not to be investigated. I’d love to find research on that…it’s totally anecdotal evidence at this point, but it DOES make sense!


  2. So I wanted to thank you — just found your blog a week or two ago, and if I hadn’t seen Jake riding around so content it would never have occurred to me that my Loiosh might like riding in a stroller too. They had a few at the pet store today when we went there today, and after being really not sure about it at first he decided he LOVES the thing. He’s never liked shopping carts, and I thought he’d react the same way, but apparently shopping carts are _nothing_ like the sublime awesomeness that is riding in a cat stroller.

    …so yeah, there’ll be a stroller in his life pretty soon, and perhaps we’ll even take a trip north and see what he thinks of Boston.


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