The 2013 Friskies – Jacoby’s Boots are in the running

So, I thought I’d enter a video in this year’s Friskies cat video competition. I mean, what the heck, rignt?


It’s trickier than it seems, though. You can only enter a video that’s under two minutes, and it can’t include any music you don’t own the rights to. That’s quite a limitation – turns out, most of my best videos are over two minutes.

In the end, I decided to enter “Jacoby’s Boots Were Made for Walking”, the little video I made of him walking while wearing his snow boots, jacket and hat. Not the greatest (my first choice would have been Gun-Hee and the MBTA), but it fits the criteria.

So please, vote, share, or like it and maybe Jake will win a prize! And if you want to enter something, too, the deadline is noon ET on July 15th.

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