Aby-a-Day – July 13: “Flamboyant” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Flamboyant.”


Well. That was easy.

Abys are Everywhere – “Touch the Fire” by Icehouse

I found out about this one via the Aby Club on Facebook. Check out the handsome Ruddy in this video:

You can see him a couple of times throughout the video.


He doesn’t have major screentime, like the Abys in Oops or Triumph of a Heart, but he’s there.

My heart has joined The Thousand…

Sad news this morning…Jacoby’s niece, Pellburn Cassia Alexdandrina joined StarClan yesterday. It was FIP, the same as her uncles Gun-Hee and Rusty. Cassia was Jake’s littermate-brother Dillin’s daughter.

I hope Sherry is doing okay in this time of sadness.