Other People’s Tabbies: A west-coast Strollercat?

Abyfriend Talia pointed this out to me today: MuniDiaries, a blog about San Francisco’s public transpo system (Muni), posted today about a suave mackerel tabby riding Muni in a red and leopard-print stroller!

I love this a lot because I used to live in San Francisco, and I know the love-hate relationship that the denizens of the City have with Muni. And I’ve taken cats on Muni…albeit, not in a stroller, but it was…wow, 15 years, now, since I moved?

There seem to be a lot of cats riding Muni, like this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and especially this one. And this kitty isn’t even the first cat in a stroller on Muni!


Who knew my old hometown was such a hotbed of public catness? Of course, maybe I did and that’s where I got it from. The cats in SF don’t even make Page 6, let alone Page 1!

Aby-a-Day – July 22: Just a couple of hipsters (Hipstamatic Monday)

incredijakeIMG_2073 incredijakeIMG_2054 incredijakeIMG_2057 incredijakecocoIMG_2063

Just a few Incredibooth shots of Jacoby and I on the way to ArtBeat on Saturday.

incredijakeIMG_2071 incredijakecocoIMG_2067 incredijakecocoIMG_2069 incredijakecocoIMG_2065

(Incredibooth is an app by the makers of Hipstamatic.)