Aby-a-Day – July 28: Dizzy

Let me just preface this by saying I think this is a Somali.

dizzyfront0309 dizzyback0309

I’m fairly certain he’s a cat. That seems to be the general consensus, anyway. I do know for a fact that Dizzy is definitely not a squirrel, and if he were a dog or a fox, he’d have more of a snout. JLed includes a lot of felines in his art, so…cat it is.


Whatever he is, he’s pretty cute.


When I was in New York, I made my usual pilgrimage to Toy Tokyo in the village. And I saw a lot of figures by Joe Ledbetter. I already have his Chinese Zodiac Snake, which I got last year in Baltimore, but when I saw Dizzy


Well, you can see why I had to have him.



Shades of rust…black tipped ears and tail…


Yeah, I’d say Dizzy’s a Somali.



Jacoby really likes him, too.

Abys in Need: Romeo-Pharaoh in NY, Voila in FL and Old Man in TN

A couple of Abys have come up on the rescue networks needing homes…two in the southeastern part of the country and one in the northeast.

Romeo-Pharaoh is a fawn Aby in Putnam County, NY. He is described as good with most cats and good with both children and adults, He has average temperament and energy (although they don’t say if it’s average for an Aby or for a regular cat) and he is neutered but needs vaccinations. And if that tag is any indication, he’s fond of catnip. The listing doesn’t say how old he is; it just says he’s “young.”

“(Romeo-Pharaoh is) an extremely loving, friendly and super affectionate Aby. Loves to cuddle/snuggle. Definite lap cat! A beautiful unique Fawn Color. Great with people and other animals alike! Please contact Christa Marks with any questions or for additional information and photos at 914-826-4525.”

Next we have Voila, a handsome ruddy boy being fostered in south Florida.

“This nine-year-old ruddy male needs a new home where he is the only cat. I have been working with him for 3 months to help him to get along with other cats, but it just isn’t happening. He is gentle and loving toward humans and would be much happier being the center of attention in your loving arms. He comes with papers and pedigree. He is neutered, in good health and up to date on his shots. He is smart, affectionate and the rare Abyssinian lap kitty. I am asking $400, a portion of which goes toward benefiting Abys in need of help. Call C.L. Forrest at 561-756-1701.”

Finally, we have Old Man, a ruddy in a shelter in Johnson City, TN. There isn’t a lot of information on the Petfinder page, but he looks to be an older Aby. He is neutered, and according to the shelter, his adoption fee is only $35! If you’re interested in Old Man, contact the Washington County/Johnson City Animal Control Center at 423-926-8769.

At least none of them seem to have been declawed!