A Happy Ending and 2 More Abys in Need in OH & FL

I love happy endings! Remember last week’s post about three Abys who needed homes, including Old Man in TN? Well, he’s been taken in by a member of the Aby Club on Facebook!

Mimi Cat writes: “Turns out Old Man is only 4 and quite healthy despite being an outdoor, declawed cat. Now that I’ve gotten the chance to really get a look at him, he is covered with small grey scars all over his skin. A sure sign of many fights. He is now named Colorado – I’m calling him Colorado since that is as far as his Avid chip traces him. He’s walking around, following me, asking to walk thru the door, etc. Eating well, purring, and kissing…enjoying good quality food and kitty TV, as his window looks down on my mountain spring…you can just imagine all the action going on down there in the deep woods! He will be rehomed.”

Here’s how Old Man, aka Colorado, looks today. Quite the improvement! But, he’s only 4!? Same age as Jacoby! I can’t imagine losing an Aby and not moving heaven and earth to find him…

But with the happy comes some sadness. Elsa may have been born free, but now she needs a home. This striking red girl is currently in a shelter in Columbus, OH: “Hello, I am Elsa, a senior Abyssinian looking for my last, loving home. My last family had to move and they couldn’t take me with them. What is good about me, is that being a senior, I will mostly just sleep and be a calm, loving companion. If you are interested in adopting me, please email ccrescue614@yahoo.com for an adoption application.”

Poor girl! Hopefully she’ll find herself in a home soon, too.

And then there’s poor Moufassa, in a shelter in West Palm Beach, Florida. Not a lot of information on this guy at all…but look at his face. He looks completely bewildered at being in a shelter. I wonder if his human died? Moufassa’s ID number at the shelter is A1431094 and if you can help him, contact Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control at 561-233-1200.

Aby-a-Day – July 31: Wordless Wednesday (The last word in cleaning)






Funny photos from Facebook

I just wanted to share a couple of funny pictures that have been posted on the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook recently. They were just too good to keep to myself!

Sheyrl Harmer Landstrom posted photos of her two Aby kittens dressed up in American Girl clothes by her daughter (yeah, I never did that as a kid. Ever). This one of them cuddled in their pajamas under the covers of a little kitten-sized bed was so irresistible, I just had to add a LOLcat-style caption.

This is my friend Barb’s blue torbie Aby Sky, stealing cherries…I love the Aby grabby hands in action!

Derick van Vuren posted this one a few weeks ago of what happens when you leave a motion-activated camera on while you’re at work:

I have a security camera that takes a picture if it detects something and emails the photo to me. This is the photo I received: Nala slapping the camera!

Finally, this one…I can’t stop giggling at this one. I think we’ve all felt like this around our Abys. This is Debbie Walton’s Maine Coon kitten surrounded by Abys; her caption was this:

AGGGGHHHH…. I am surrounded by these short coated NUTTERS….
Human says they are called Abyssinians…. I think they are all Tasmanian Devils!

The Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook has almost 2500 members…there are some absolutely amazing photos and stories posted there.