Aby-a-Day – August 2: When Angel Met Jake (Friday Flashback)

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of Jacoby’s arrival.


As you can see, he wasted no time in becoming one of the family.


In fact, you’ll notice a small, kitten-sized bowl and a larger, cat-sized bowl next to it. Which one is Jake eating out of..?

New from IKEA: Åby

Abyfriend Aeryn sent me this heads-up the other day:

“Have you seen the new IKEA catalog? Very first page, there is (what looks like) an Aby on a poster. Same picture on page 280. The item is a frame though, so I’m not sure if the actual photo is for sale!”

Well, no…I haven’t gotten it yet. So I went to their website, and found this under the Living Room section:

Well, well, well…would you look at that? Then I checked out the virtual catalog and found the photos Aeryn was referring to:

This photo cracks me up! It looks like the Aby is about to pounce on those two girls! And here’s page 280:

This looks like the photo that was taken just before that first one! Same Aby,same awesome Stockholm cowhide footstool. We knew that IKEA loves kitties, but how cool is it that they’ve got an Abyssinian in the new catalog?