Aby-a-Day – August 4: Showing off

Today's post is nothing like what I planned. That's because, despite having the hard drive replaced after it crashed just last month, my MacbookPro won't start up. I suspect it's the battery this time, and I have a Genius Bar appointment for tomorrow after work...but in the meantime, I can't get the photos off my camera, touched up and cropped, and up on Flickr til I can get my laptop running again.


So anyway, Jacoby and I went to a cat show in Boxboro this weekend.


And he did really well!


In his first two rings, he was Iris Zinck's Seventh Best Cat in Premiership, and Russell Webb made him his Second Best Cat in Premiership!


You may remember that Russell and Iris also used Jake in their rings at the Seacoast Cat Club show in May.


Jake got to try out his new birthday Sturdi-Shelter, too.


The cat show was not the only event going on in the hotel this weekend. There was also a wedding reception, some kind of seminar, and the Red Cross was set up in a near-by conference room holding a blood drive.


There was a break between our rings, so I decided to give it a go. It was my first time ever donanting blood! I didn't pass out or anything!


There were some spectacular cats at the show this weekend, too.


Like this Maine Coon boy - can you believe that he's a kitten!? He's only seven months old. Russell even had to double-check his age. He's HUGE!


As it turned out, Jake and I had a longer break then we knew. He didn't make a final until his last two rings. But in those two rings, he placed 7th Best in Kenny Currle's ring, and 4th Best in Kathy Calhoun's ring!


After the last ring, we packed up our stuff and we left the show hall by 4pm.


Meg had promised to give one of the judges a ride to Logan Airport, so she also gave Jake and I a ride home. We were home by 5 - I think that's a new record!

I really hope my computer can be fixed tomorrow.