Bad Aby Designs: Not actually about Abys

So I got all excited the other day because I found a link to a swimwear and lingerie designer out of San Francisco called Bad Aby Designs.

I checked out everything I could find about them online…and it turns out, the founder of the company is named Aby.


To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. Oh, well. The Sharkini is pretty cool, though.

Aby-a-Day – August 9: Jake’s new Sturdi-Shelter (Fashion Friday)

You may remember that Jacoby got a leopard-print Sturdi-Shelter show cage for his birthday.


Well, last weekend’s show was the first time he got to use it.


He was a little confused by the leopard print pattern though.


He kept trying to go into Gumby’s burgundy cage next door. Which makes sense; he’s used to his black house, and burgundy looks like black to cats.


But the doors on Gumby’s shelter are solid clear plastic, and Jake’s doors are solid mesh on his black cage (and half mesh on his leopard cage), so he’d sit and stare at her house trying to decide if it was his or not.


Once he figured out the spotty one was his, he had no problems.


Jake’s a very unusual Aby in that he will stay in his benching cage even if the door is wide open. He loves being in his house so much, he see it as his lair, his den, and his safe place. This is because his house is always set up at home and he eats all his meals in there, I think. That and his shelter at home also has a heating pad inside.


He just loves his house!


In fact, he loves it so much he didn’t want me to pack it up to go home.


He sat on top of the carrier back and looked at me like he was daring me to put it away. Such a funny cat!

Lost Aby: Kyro in Vancouver

Abyfriend Katscan posted this on Facebook:

In case you can’t read the photo, it says: “We’ve recently moved into the area and the cat got out. He is an indoor cat, and does not know the neighbourhood.

Appearance: Abyssinian (brown/red ticked fur), small and male. He is 3 years old.

PLEASE call/text if you see him! We miss him very much and are very worried about him! Last seen on August 3rd in Kerrisdale @ 45th and Balsam.

Margaret MacAulay
Phone: 604-264-0454/604-209-7688″