Abys in Need: Anne in FL and Eva in BC…and 3 boys in OR

We have two red girls in need of new homes this week…

The listing says this girl is a red Somali, but she doesn’t look longhaired to me…She is, however, in a shelter, not in foster care.

“ANNE – ID#A808630
My name is ANNE.
I am a spayed female, red Somali.
The shelter staff think I am about 10 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Jul 26, 2013.”

According to the person who sent the email to the NAR: “It is unlikely she will be adopted; they say she is 10yrs old. She is in Jacksonville, FL. If I had the means to take her in I would, but I have a friend who is a vet tech who says it looks like she has dental issues. I already have one senior cat along with another cat and 3 dogs. I could not afford to take on her vet care.

But if you can…10 years old isn’t that old any more! If you are interested in Anne, contact the City of Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services Division at 630-CITY (2489).

Then we have Eva. Eva is a red girl at the Victoria Pet Adoption Society in Saanichton, BC.

Not a lot of info on Eva on the Petfinder listing, but she seems to prefer a home without other cats.

She does, however, seem to be a younger cat and pretty confident. If you’re in the Victoria area and need an Aby, contact the shelter.

Now, this last one is a little special. It’s not Abys in need…but they are family. Tessie’s littermate brother, Koala, and two other boys were just returned to their breeder (my friend Kim) by the woman who had adopted them, and they need new forever homes. This is them all back home in Oregon; they came home three days ago and are still a little disoriented and upset.

Koala is, of course, 10 years old; Buckbeak is 2-1/2 and Worf is almost 1. Koala, like Tessie, is descended from Abys, and Buckbeak and Worf are Burmillas. I wish I could take Koala! How interesting would it be to reunite a brother and sister after 8 years?

In any event, if you’re interested in a Burmilla or a Smoke Asian just like Tessie, comment or email me and I’ll connect you with Kim.

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