Aby-a-Day – August 26: Ready for his close up (Hipstamatic Monday)

I love taking photos of Jacoby’s feet.


What is it about cat’s paws, anyway?


Why are we so mesmerised by those soft toe pads?


I got a new iPhone app called iMicroscope that is meant to take super close-ups of things like a real microscope would.


So of course I tried it out on Jake.


The iMicroscope pictures weren’t that great…


…Even considering that it’s possible a moving cat isn’t the best test subject.


But it was interesting, and not bad for 99c.


Well…I thought it was interesting.

Farewell, Homer

Sad news that I just have to share here: Homer the Blind Wondercat has gone to hunt with StarClan. He was 16 years old, and if you’ve read his book, then you know what a wonderous cat he really was.


If you haven’t read the book about Homer, you should. I saw a lot of Angel in Gwen Cooper’s description of Homer and how he lived his life.

My heart is with the Thousand, for my friend has stopped running today.