Aby-a-Day – August 29: Protecting valuable resources

Jacoby has a urinary crystal issue, and needs to eat special prescription UT food, which we get from Pet Food Direct.


When an order is delivered, it’s a big day in our house.


Jake always knows that it’s his food in that box. I’m not sure how he knows, but there’s something about the box that always alerts him.


And apparently he feels that it’s necessary to protect his food from any scavengers who might want to steal it.


You never know who could be lurking nearby waiting for their chance to snatch it away.


Oh oh! Here comes Kylie!


Sure, she seems completely uninterested in the contents of Jake’s box, but that could be part of her clever scheme.


Is she coming back?


Guarding one’s food is hard work.


Did someone say “Dinnertime”???

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – August 29: Protecting valuable resources

    1. HAHAHA funny you should ask. Feeding cats in our house is a bit like a logic puzzle…
      Jake needs to eat UT food. However, he eats fast and will eat EVERYONE’s food, given the chance.
      Kylie is a super picky eater who also tends to eat slowly. Tessie and Angel are somewhat picky. Angel will try to eat everyone’s food, too. She is also afraid to use the litter box when other cats are around. But the girls all eat regular canned food.

      So: Jake eats in his SturdShelter. Angel eats in the bedroom behind a closed door; this is also when she uses the litter box – when the door is closed! Tessie and Kylie eat in separate corners of the kitchen. They tend to swap dishes but that’s okay as long as they eat.

      Easy peasy!


    1. You know, I don’t know. I remember it being a big deal in the 80’s which was when the research came out about “ash” in cat foods causing the problem. But you hardly ever hear about “ash” any more. (Here’s an article I found from 1998!)

      I’ve had mostly boycats my whole life, most of whom ate largely dry food, and Jake’s the FIRST cat I’ve ever had to have this problem. So I’m not sure.


      1. A friend of mine swears that since he has switched to giving his cats only filtered water, that it significantly helped (and possibly reversed) the crystals his cats were plagued with. I don’t know if there is any scientific evidence to support this, but something happened to help his cats.


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