Aby-a-Day – September 7: “Fave” (Saturday Photo Hunt)

This week’s Photo Hunt subject is “Fave.”


What is your fave photo of Jacoby? I’ve been told by a lot of people that this is their favourite. One person has even said that it was her computer desktop wallpaper!



I have several favourites. These two are special because they were his Best Cat in Premiership wins.


And this one, when he got his Grand Premier title.


This is from when Jake had his accident. Could he be any more dramatic?


Then there’s this one, which was also based on his bandaged foot: Jake’s second Halloween costume (he was an Egyptian mummy cat). This one is in this year’s Bad Cat Page-a-Day Calendar.


This is a classic. Jake and his mistletoe hat.


This is another really special, really classic photo of Jake. I’ll never forget the people in charge of the carousel at Boston Common who graciously allowed me to put Jake on the carousel cat between runs so I could take a few photos. (This photos was in this year’s Good Page-a-Day Cat Calendar!)


I’ll also never forget the kind Korean dad who offered to take a couple of shots of us together, too. I’d tried to do this on the Greenway carousel near Fanieul Hall and was refused. But that’s okay. The Boston Common carousel is better any way; the one on the Greenway only has horses.


This is another classic: Jake basking in the backlight of our TV.


It became this work of art I call “Ancient Dreams” (available for purchase on my Zazzle store, by the way).


But this is my all-time favourite photo of Jake I’ve taken. The serious gaze on his face combined with the goofy overall pose always makes me giggle.