Aby-a-Day – September 8: Catnip Crime Scene Investigation

Last night I went to the CFF Annual Awards Banquet with Meg. Her kitten Nubia Malaika Jamaica (“MJ” for short) was Best Kitten for the 2012-2013 season.


It’s traditional for the owner of the best kitten, cat, alter and HHP to give out little favours to everyone at the banquet, and because of MJ’s name, Meg handed out little nickle bags of premium catnip. I created the logo:

mjs-mj_logo yellow

Of course, Meg gave me some of this primo blend of nip. This morning, I went to get it out of my bag to share it with the cats, only to discover this:





Catnip was everywhere! All over the inside of my bag…all over the floor…



…and, upon closer investigation (good thing I watch a lot of CSI), I discovered that someone had chewed a hole in the Ziploc bag during the night. But who?


I brought in a likely suspect for questioning.


He appeared to be guilty from the start, but of course I had to follow the evidence.


The suspect was unrepentant.


Oh, he tried to look innocent…


…but guilt was all over his face.




He gave up his accomplices pretty quickly, too.


However, we are still on the lookout for the buyer who’s apparently the brains behind the whole operation. Any information on this unknown individual, who is currently still at large, would be greatly appreciated.

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