Aby-a-Day – September 12: Home sweet home

I cannot fully express how much Jacoby loves his SturdiShelter. We call it his “house” and his “mancave.”


He eats all of his meals in his house, and he loves it so much that sometimes we forget he’s in there! We’ve been known to forget and leave him in there all day while we’re at work or all night while we’re asleep, but he never seems to mind.


Of course, he is always happy to be let out…but he doesn’t always rush to escape his mancave. Quite the opposite, in fact.


And the best part is that his love of being in his SturdiShelter at home means he also loves being in his SturdiShelter at cat shows!


Although at shows, he loves being in it almost too much. Sometimes it’s hard to get him out of it when we need to be in a ring!

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