Aby-a-Day – September 13: Ring around the collar (Fashion Friday)

I just wanted to give a little shoutout to my friend Sally at Hi Tide Creations.


Sally makes the wonderful leather collars that all our cats wear that you see in all the photos I post.


What I love about these collars is that they are so narrow and light; they don’t really interfere with the cat’s looks or give them “collar fur” dents. They don’t have buckles, just a solid ring, and they slip on and off over the cat’s head. They aren’t breakaway collars, but if a cat gets their collar caught on something (which I’ve only had happen twice in all my years of cat owning) they can get out of it easily.


Each collar is hand-braided from kangaroo leather (Kangaroo leather is lighter and stronger than cow or goat leather. It has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and is 50% stronger than goatskin, which means it’s lightweight but very strong) in any combination of four colours you wish. Angel’s is various purples and burgundies.


Tessie’s is red and blue.


And Kylie’s is pink, natural and white.


Jake actually has two sets of collars with their own colour schemes. His everyday collar is a blend of light and dark green…


…while his therapy collar, his leash and his harnesses are the two greens plus turquoise. I think we thought that would be a bit more “medical.”


I really love his therapy leash. It’s long with a swivel in the middle as well as clips at both ends and two extra O-rings. This makes it adjustable; on visits I clip it around my waist so I don’t ever have to worry about dropping his leash. It’s also 100lb tested, so it won’t break. The collars are 100lb test, too.


He also has a little short leash she made, which is basically a handle that attaches to his collar. We use it in the hallway sometimes.

8harness2 8harness1


Sally’s also made Jake a couple of harnesses, too, which I helped design: A figure-8 style harness with a criss-cross back, and



a step-in style harness.


I don’t use the harnesses most of the time because Jake has actually managed to get out of them a few times, but I love the way they look in photos because they’re so minimal the cat looks more “natural” – almost like no harness at all!


Coming home from a therapy visit one evening, it occurred to me how many things I have that Sally made.


Let’s see…grooming noose (being used as a bottle leash here), camera straps (long and short), my ID badge lanyard, Jake’s leash, Jake’s harness, and even my keychain!


Yeah, we love our HiTide Creations around here!


One thing I have always loved about the collars is the way they match their BlanketID tags…which leads me to a bit of very cool news.


Sally is based in Victoria, BC, and Blanket is based in Vancouver…and they are going to start working together on a collar-and-tag combination! All because of a bunch of kitty fashionistas who live 3.000 miles away!

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – September 13: Ring around the collar (Fashion Friday)

  1. Those are great collars! We stopped wearing them because one time Binga’s name tag got caught in the floor heater grating and my human had to free her – and she freaked out at the thought of this happening when she wasn’t there! That clearly would not happen with these pretty collars.


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