Aby-a-Day – September 15: Random funny moment

This was just something funny that happened today.


Jacoby was hanging out with me, sitting on the bed watching me put laundry away.


Then Tessie (who we call “Me Too” because she always has to be doing what everyone else is), came along and sat next to Jake. As if that wasn’t enough, she flopped over and started to very inelegantly groom herself.


She finished, but look at the expression on Jake’s face: “We’re on a queen-sized bed, and this is where you have to sit and do that?”


Tessie kept sitting right next to him, as closely as she possibly could. Finally, Jake just got fed up and left. It was just a simple little thing, but it was so funny to watch. Good thing I had my camera handy!

Jake’s Therapy and Show Book

I just made a little photo book showing Jacoby in action at cat shows and on therapy visits.

Click here to view this photo book larger

I’ve been taking various print outs of his magazine appearances and the Herald pages in a presentation book along with all our Pet Partners certification papers, but I think this little book will be a lot more handy. I used the silly Southwestern theme because his namesake, Jacoby Ellsbury, is a Native American…and it looked nicer than most of the other themes they had!